Dibuka kelas baru tanggal 25 Juni 2018
Peserta terbatas !! Mau tau cara nya kejepang guys 😀

Bukan untuk jalan – jalan atau liburan loch ya,,,Tapi untuk bekerja mencari penghasilan dan ilmu yang bermanfaat.

boleh silahkan disimak info nya dibawah :

Pelatihan dibimbing sampai LULUS & BERANGKAT.
Program Pelatihan ini telah memberangkatkan peserta sebanyak +- 45.000 orang.

untuk kebutuhan :

1. Internship/PKL
(Program belajar sambil bekerja di jepang kebutuhan perbulan 300 orang), lama program 1 tahun

2. Gakkou
(Kuliah di jepang sambil bekerja)

3. Jissushei magang Swasta :
Laki2/Perempuan (bidang konstruksi, manufacture, pabrikasi,dll)

4. Jissushei magang Swasta :
Care Giver/Kaigo (Perawat RS & Panti Jompo)

5. Magang IM / Program Disnaker :
(bidang konstruksi, manufacture, pabrikasi,dll)

Min paket C, Smk/Sma sederajat & UP (D3 & S1)

Bagi anda yg ingin datang / mendaftar langsung silahkan konfirmasikan terlebih dahulu kedatangan anda melalui telp/sms/whatsapp ke :

083874905405 Tika
081212947815 Huda
Agar dipandu perjalanan anda menuju lokasi.

alamat bisa cek google map :
PT. Mas Lupy Hakim
Pekayon Bekasi, Galaxy City
TELP: 021-82733911

Silahkan di share bila dirasa memberikan manfaat, Mungkin kita tidak butuh tapi mana tau orang – orang di sekeliling kita membutuhkan tapi tidak tau informasinya sehingga tidak tau,,dan kita yang tau tidak mau membagi/memberitahukan.kasihan mereka


siapkan diri kita untuk meningkatkan ilmu.

meningkatkan pengalaman.

keluar dari zona nyaman sekarang.

dan terus berusaha.

Telur Gulung Jajanan Kidz Jaman NoW – (Ada Resepnya),!

Siapa yang tak kangen jajanan ini? Telur digoreng dengan minyak panas dan digulung ini mengingatkan pada jajanan sekolah dulu. Apalagi disantap dengan saus sambal, makin mantap.

Tak hanya praktis, telur juga terkenal dengan kandungan zat gizinya. Dalam satu butir telur mengandung protein, kolin serta vitamin dan juga mineral yang sangat baik untuk pertumbuhan jaringan tubuh.

Booth jajanan telur yang ramai dikunjungi ini merupakan booth yang dibuat oleh Sunny Side Up. Berbeda dengan restorannya, dalam acara KTD ini, Sunny Side Up menyajikan aneka jajanan telur masa kecil. Mulai dari telur gulung original, sosis telur hingga telur dadar mini. Semuanya enak!

Untuk pembuatan telur gulung, telur ayam dikocok dengan tambahan bumbu seperti garam dan juga merica kemudian dituang dalam minyak goreng dengan menggunakan sendok dan langsung digulung dengan tusukan lidi atau bambu.

“Telurnya dikocok hingga berbuih dan dituang diatas minyak dan langsung digulung. Minyaknya juga jangan terlalu panas, kalo kepanasan susah digulung nanti” tutur salah satu penjual.

Sedangkan untuk sosis gulung, dibuat dengan cara sosis di goreng kemudian diberi sedikit telur dan digulung. Sedangkan telur dadar mini menggunakan cetakan bulat kecil yang digunakan untuk memasak telur.

Telurnya lembut dan beraroma gurih. Jika biasanya telur disajikan dengan saus merah, di sini telur gulungnya disajikan dengan saus asam manis yang berwarna oranye muda. Sayangnya, sambal asam manisnya terlalu cair sehingga kurang terasa mantap.


  1. 2 butir telur ayam
  2. 1/2 sdm garam
  3. 1,5 sdt merica
  4. 50 ml air putih
  5. secukupnya saus pedas manis (bisa pakai saus sambal botolan)
  6. secukupnya tusuk sate
  7. secukupnya minyak goreng


  1. Pecahkan 2 telur ke dalam mangkuk, tambahkan garam dan merica, kocok hingga berbusa.
  2. Tambahkan kira-kira 50 ml air putih ke dalam campuran telur tadi, kocok lagi hingga rata.
  3. Panaskan minyak goreng di penggorengan hingga agak tinggi (seperti saat menggoreng deepfry) untuk menggoreng telur gulung ini membutuhkan banyak minyak. tunggu minyak hingga panas kira-kira 3-5 menit. lalu kecilkan api menuju sedang(jangan terlalu kecil)
  4. Tuang 3 sdm telur ke bagian tengah minyak. lalu dengan cepat ambil tusuk sate dan gulung telur menuju pinggir.
  5. Ulangi langkah hingga tusuk sate dan telur habis.
  6. Sajikan dengan saus pedas manis Atau mayones sesuai dengan selera anda.

Bisa juga yang mau mencoba usaha dengan modal kecil tapi keuntungan lumayan dengan menggeluti penjualan telur gulung.Apalagi kuliner ini akhir2 ini semakin booming karna banyak yang mengetahui dan mulai mengenal kuliner ini dengan tidak terbatas nya usia mere.semua merasa mudah sekali membuat ini padahal dalam kenyataan nya belum tentu semudah yang kita bayangkan.


Amateur Punters Attempting Hands around Soccer Wagering!

Tough brand-new guidelines by UEFA can certainly make clubs conduct within their very own signifies with the get started of the 2016/17 year. The exact relocate can be set to bring more reprimand to club finances and likewise take the exact strain away from player’s salary plus transfers rates. Dance clubs will need to fight within their earnings. UEFA believes it will encourage financial commitment inside commercial infrastructure, sport comforts together with children’s academies. In addition it says it may help often the clubs that will keep their selves long term together with negotiate their particular expenses in the wonderful time.

Often the break possibly even offer is actually a fresh departure pertaining to UEFA where the clubs will always be administered pertaining to three years. People will in no way be permitted to commit more when compared with they bring in from profits give or possibly take certain million. Sun’s rays able to help shell out exactly what they including on their very own stadiums, education services, earlier days educational institution and also their towns. The significant purchases associated with billionaire raisers will probably be badly chop though. In the 2 changing seasons these people will only have the ability to set in 50 million euro € over the main break even factor to support pay income and shift fees. This means that if the main golf clubs users go and even buy their way within the Champions League they aren’t. Appears to be excellent in concept to end the best golf equipment spattering typically the cash but it also stops the smaller clubs similar to Fulham diagnosed with a ultra rich master. They is just not have the ability to expend nowadays of Jordlag Fayeds money previously the 47 million dollar, the identical amount because Mr Abramovich down the actual road for Chelsea. Hence suddenly a possibility so honest anymore simply because Fulham more than likely have often the same income stream as Chelsea or the ways connected with increasing them either.

An additional section of the main posture areas that will groups will never be able to pay back money to be able to rivals, gamers, staff or perhaps tax authorities at the very end for the season. Most are hoping to avoid just what transpired during Portsmouth who else proceeded to go in supervision still to pay hundreds of thousands around shift extra fees, tax bill and also VALUE-ADDED TAX among other things. I actually think I just read scattered yesterday that they had in order to pay their whole creditors twenty percent of the things they owed these. A newly released article with Western european teams told me 50% analysts in which coming up with a decrease and also twenty percent which is where for critical fiscal hazard.

During the second many of the Top local league golf equipment are actually ok. But Aston Apartment, Chelsea, Man Locale and also Liverpool will most set worry bells buzzing at UEFA with typically the huge cutbacks they are taking on. This reveals the huge bad debts some with the substantial clubs are generally holding defintely won’t be taken in to account at this point. The method will solely use because overseeing instrument for that instant together with clubs will not be restricted from UEFA prize draws. Many people would initially be notified and put below assessment ahead of been prohibited.

Around various World Pot Multiply Bets soccer current information. Eileen Essien has got didn’t restore from damage and includes also been overlooked coming from Ghana’s group. Javier Hernandez is going to become someone Utd guru on very first July subsequently after receiving some sort of function allow and even Globe Drink kinds Newcastle, south africa defeat Republic of colombia 2-1 from a helpful with the Little league Locale arena. Settle-back to watch, though South Africa happen to be defeating Republic of colombia, the very Colombians was acquiring most of their hotel room rooms graded by two of the employees who also relieved all of them about their money. They ended up soon after caught. Pray security and safety is certainly ramped in place just simply a tiny bit while in the next few weeks. Bonjour.